Build curl with VxWorks SDK

Support for VxWorks in curl was added by the community in 2009. This code hadn’t been updated in a while so it was removed as part of routine maintenance work:

Here are the instructions for building the latest curl from git using the VxWorks SDK:

Create a new project directory
mkdir $HOME/curltest
cd $HOME/curltest

Source the SDK environment
source /opt/wrsdk/wrsdk-vxworks7-qemu/toolkit/wind_sdk_env.linux

Clone the git repository
git clone

Change directories
cd curl

Create the configure script
autoreconf -fi

Configure the Makefile for cross-building for VxWorks with the SDK
ac_cv_header_termios_h=no ./configure --build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --host=x86_64-wrs-vxworks --disable-ntlm-wb --with-openssl

Build curl

Export the libraries, executables, and headers into a directory
mkdir $TMPDIR/vxworks
DESTDIR=$TMPDIR/vxworks make install

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