How to build VxWorks as a bootapp on rpi4

According to this, when the rpi4 boots, the GPU reads config.txt off the boot device and loads the kernel specified. For VxWorks on rpi4, u-boot is the bootloader. I would like to put VxWorks in it’s place to have a faster boot directly to either the bootapp or to my VxWorks kernel+application.

The config.txt provided in our BSP currently sets 64-bit mode on the ARM and loads u-boot-64.bin. I propose to change it to load vxworks.bin. However, I am not sure what to set the load address / KERNEL_LOAD_ADRS to or what other changes I need to do besides enabling the BOOTAPP layer and basing the project on the BOOTAPP profile and setting a standalone DTB.

Can you please advise me on this? Thank you,