Missing dependency in WR WorkBench 4

We develop an Eclipse plugin for Static analysis and noticed that in a recent release the users are not able to install it in WR 4.

The root cause is that a dependency we have on " com.windriver.vxworks.core " is no longer available as of WR 4 (Core version: 1.16)
This was last available in WR 4 (Core version: 1.15)

What we are using here is com.windriver.vxworks.core.model.WRFSMakefileGenerator.getFSBuildCommand( true ) but is no longer available.

Would anyone be able to let us know how we can get access to this in the newer versions of WR4? thanks!

Note: hopefully I’m asking this in the right section. Otherwise please let me know :slight_smile:

Works for this one

It doesnt work for this one

I’ll try to get more information on this from Wind River engineering. Meanwhile, please create a post about this issue on Wind River Knowledge Forum (https://ask.windriver.com).

Hi @dan.milea , thanks for the reply. I ended up creating a post there as well but no luck yet
Missing dependency in WR WorkBench 4 - Wind River Knowledge Forum

Thank you for helping with this. Any information we can get would be extremely appreciated =)