How to create an Ada DKM project in Workbench for VxWorks with the command line?

I am trying to create a set of projects (VSB +VIP + DKM) for the VxWorks Workbench environment via the command line.

The problem I’m having is that I need the DKM to be an Ada project and I can’t find a way to create it with the command console. This is the way it would be created with the graphical interface:


These are the only options that come up in the console concerning the creation of a DKM:
prj dkm create [-force] {-vsb <vsbDir>|-vip <vipDir>|-app <dkmDir>} <project> [-name <name>] [-staticLib]

I don’t see any option to convert or import an external project.

Is there any way to do it?

Thank you in advance

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I can’t login there, is not the same account?

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