Start module - moduleShow

Hi all,
I am beginner - sorry for the basic question.

→ moduleShow
this command shows indicates the module ID and the address of akdadmanager.out

Hence, I assume that the module is loaded. Can you tell me what I need to do to start the module? → ./akdadmanager.out does not start it.

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Module symbols are added to the kernel symbol list, so you can use any of the global functions from your module as entry point. Assuming you have a function called my_func in your module, you’d just call it from the C-shell.

→ my_func

Hi Dan,
many thanks for your reply. Is there a way to find out what functions are available in a respective module?

Sorry for the basic questions I used akadmanager in a Linux environment, there I simply called it by ./akdadmanger. In VxWorks I noticed that akadmanager is a module.

If I try to get the akadmanager.out to run in the cmd environment I get the following message:

[vxWorks *]# ./akadmanager.out
Launching process ‘./akadmanager.out’ …
rtp exec: unable to launch process “./akadmanager.out”: Not a valid RTP (S_loadRtpLib_NOT_EXECUTABLE).

Many thanks you for your feedback

You should compile akadmanager as an RTP and then you will be able to run it as you did on Linux, i.e. as ./akadmanager.

Check the “Application Development” section of this README file.

Hi Dan,
many thanks for your reply. My issue is, that I don’t compile the modules myself. I receive the finished Kernel image.

Is there a possiblity to find out whether there are global functions which I can access, or is there a command, which lists the all the RTP?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Kind regards