VxWorks 5.5.1 with VME BUS

Hello, I am beginner with VxWorks. I have a VMPC7 board with VxWorks 5.5.1 and MDFLASH-256MB board of memory with some app for VxWorks. I would like to check the MDFlash board writing and reading “0” and “1”. However I don’t know how I can do it.

VMPC7 is setup in slot 0 and the following config:
e[8;1fVME Board Id : 0
e[9;1fVME Slave A16 Base Offset : 0x0
e[10;1fVME Slave A16 Base Address is : 0x0
e[11;1fVME to DRAM A32 Base Offset : 0x0
e[12;1fVME to DRAM A32 Gap : 0x8000000
e[13;1fVME to DRAM A32 Base Address is : 0x0
e[14;1fVME ID setting (0:autoslot ID, 1:manual, 2:Geographical ID) : 1
e[15;1fVME slave windows (0:A32+A16, 1:A16, 2:A32, 3:none) : 0
e[16;1fVME Geographical ID : 1
e[17;1fe[18;1fL2 Cache Option : Write-Through

MD-Flash board is setup in slot 1 and I can config the address with jumpers. For example “0xC400 0000”

what command I need to do it?

Thank you

Please create a post on the Wind River Knowledge Forum at ask.windriver.com .