How is the easy FTP server access achieve?

One customer started playing around with VxWorks 7 SDK for QEMU (sabrelite). Then he built a custom VSB and VIP project for imx6 sabrelite QEMU. He is trying to access a FTP server on the host machine from the QEMU VxWorks image, in the same way he did it with the WindRiver Lab image he used for his initial testings.

Based on the documentation (README_qemu-sabrelite) I extracted the following:

For host file system access from the VxWorks guest, start an FTP server and enable user “target” with password “vxTarget”. These are the built-in credentials for the VxWorks kernel image for QEMU (sabrelite).

$ sudo python -m pyftpdlib -p 21 -u target -P vxTarget -i -d $HOME &

He wants to know what are the required settings on the custom VSB and VIP image, so it can connect to the host machine FTP server in the same way described in the documentation.

I reviewed the vip_config.json and vsb_config.json files of the SDK, but I didn´t find any particular setting regarding FTP.

Could you please provide me with instructions on how to achieve that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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For the VxWorks kernel included in the VxWorks SDK for QEMU (sabrelite) on Wind River Labs, the boot line is “enet(0,0)host:vxWorks h= e= u=target pw=vxTarget”. This ensures that the host IP address and FTP credentials are the ones matching the recommended QEMU deployment configuration.

Keep in mind that for i.MX6 the boot line must be set in this dts file in the VIP directory: fsl_imx6_2_0_4_0/imx6q-sabrelite.dts

bootargs = “enet(0,0)host:vxWorks h= e= u=target pw=vxTarget”;


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Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot for your answer. After applying the above configuration, I am able to connect to the FTP server running on the host and also the workbench debugger.

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thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.